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The Dangers of Fiberglass

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Today, most acoustical products are made with fiberglass whose airborne particles are harmful to breathe without the use of a proper respirator as per OSHA.  These products are linked to health problems and sick building syndrome.  These products are present in many places where we live and work.  Older acoustical panels had asbestos and fiberglass.  We can identify and remove these acoustical products and replace them with our environmentally safe acoustical products so everyone can breathe safely. 


Pre-made fiberglass panels are limited in acoustical function aside from the dangerous fiberglass dust they create.  Hawkeye Global Thermal Acoustics and insulation materials are molds and mildew free, non-toxic & safe for skin contact. Unlike dangerous fiberglass, Hawkeye Global Thermal Acoustics materials will not degrade and permeate an environment or create residual, airborne contaminants.


Product Specification
Most acoustical consultants have very little knowledge of interior acoustics because they don't make or install the acoustical products they specify. They can't acoustically test the rooms before, during and after the installation or tune the room to guarantee results. They give you a thick paper pile of statistical nonsense that you won't understand and charge a lot of money for it.  They specify some other company's product that they haven't personally tested to be sure that the NRC or STC ratings for the panels are correct but offer no guarantees. If the results are incorrect, are they prepared to offer repairs?  They point their finger at the acoustic panel manufacturer and take no responsibility.  Hawkeye Global Thermal Acoustics products are LEEDS qualified, they do not contain asbestos or fiberglass.
Public Safety
Fiberglass - based acoustical panels are still being specified by many acoustical consultants. This creates dangerous airborne particles as fiberglass dust (as identified by OSHA). Why use such an unnecessary, dangerous product to begin with? The habitat of the space will unknowingly pay the price. Visit our Dangers of Fiberglass page to learn more about the serious health complications of fiberglass dust, particulate, molds and mildew, and other byproducts of using fiberglass materials for insulation and acoustics. 
40-Year History of Outstanding Results
Hawkeye Global's acoustical installations have appeared in over 250 publications worldwide over the last 30 years.  A key component to many architects, interior designers, and builders, Hawkeye Global Thermal Acoustics products installations are considered an industry standard for environmentally safe, sound-buffering interiors. 
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