The Message is Loud, but is it Clear?

Sound Quality Matters!

Your audience is attentive, your message is important, but is it being well received?  The delivery point affects everything. From the orator's position, look outward towards the receiving area. This is the sound field where the dynamics of acoustics and energy converge. Live streaming expands your audience, but requires clear, crisp, unadulterated communication, often times intermixed with music. 


Sound traveling properly to the listener is your goal, but consider another factor; air safety.  The most commonly used acoustic panels include dangerous fiberglass or other mineral wool materials which migrate through fabric panels, becoming airborne contaminants. 


Consider the option of a superior, yet affordable solution. QuietGreen Technologies offers extensive experience creating ideal surroundings to express the spoken word by creating effective, acoustically-sound environments using safe, non-fiberglass materials. 

The Tampa Covenant Church project incorporated QuietGreen Technologies unique eco-acoustical system in the main theatre, pulpit, ceilings, hallways, entry and meeting rooms. Despite extensive use of stone, marble and other sound-disrupting materials, proper acoustical applications created an ideal result. Simulcasting of the spoken word is clearly transmitted, and local parishioners benefit from the perfect sound with no risk of fiberglass deterioration or air contamination.

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