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Safe, Quiet Hotels...

Too Much To Ask?

Sound Quality Satisfies

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Surveys indicate approximately  65% of hotel patrons have noise complaints. Most of these patrons don't formally register these complaints. They just don't come back. Hotels are losing millions of dollars without realizing it. 


While noise reduction is a key rating factor affecting hotel experiences, another major, less obvious component is overlooked: air safety. 


The most commonly used acoustic panels include dangerous fiberglass or other mineral wool materials which migrate through fabric panels, becoming dangerous airborne contaminants.


Consider the Option of a Safe, Superior, Yet Affordable Solution!


 Hawkeye Global QuietGreen Technologies has extensive experience creating ideal surroundings, correcting sound problems, increasing room privacy and eliminating dangerous airborne contamination by creating effective, acoustically-sound environments using safe, non-fiberglass materials.


 Our unique surface design programs, including rPET-based recycled and fully digitally printed acoustic textiles, are easily cleaned or replaced, not affecting the installed base materials. 




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"We've been around for a long time - over 40 years.  We are sound specialists. Our mission, from the onset, has been that of creating environmentally safe acoustical and thermal materials and eliminating the use of fiberglass or fibers that may expose us to dangerous, airborne particulates. In 1992, the EPA identified fiberglass as a hazardous material, but their mandate has largely been ignored and certainly not highly enforced - until now.


 Our materials are completely environmentally safe, and will not support mold and or mildew.  Our proprietary systems offer superior acoustical and thermal properties using a sound-engineering method I developed many years ago. We are the only acoustical provider that manufactures and installs our own products, eliminating the need for 'consultants' who specify but do not manufacture or install their recommended products. Unlike all other acoustical consultants, we guarantee our results. 


 We make hotels thermally and acoustically correct. We can design any space to provide the proper sound level requirement needed. We design, manufacture and install all of our safe, proprietary, thermal acoustical products. Our beautiful acoustical fabric wall systems are custom formed and fitted on-site to your exact space.”

 Hawkeye Global  Acoustical & Thermal Technologies

  • Eco-safe, clean

  • Non-fiberglass

  • Anti-mold

  • Anti-mildew

  • Non-prefab

  • Thermally-tuned

  • Sound-tuned

  • Fitted on site

  • 40 yrs.experience

  • EPA Compliant

  • proprietary

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