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Hawkeye Global Creates Aesthetically Superior, 

Acoustically Sophisticated Environments for 

Theaters and Performing Art Centers

Hawkeye Global's Safe,

Thermal and Acoustical Insulations are

Fiberglass-Free and Foam-Free

While noise reduction is a key rating factor affecting sound quality, another major, less obvious component is overlooked: AIR SAFETY


The most commonly used acoustical and thermal insulation materials include dangerous fiberglass or foam products which deteriorate and migrate becoming dangerous airborne contaminants.   Harmful fiberglass supports mold growth. Most foam products create mold growth.  Both can cause Sick Building Syndrome. 


Hawkeye Global’s QuietGreen Technologies creates ideal acoustical and thermal environments while preventing dangerous airborne contamination.  


Our unique surface design program, including rPET-based recycled and fully digitally printed acoustic textiles are easily cleaned or replaced, not affecting the installed base materials.  

Hawkeye Global’s  QuietGreen Technologies incorporates proprietary materials and techniques specially designed to create perfect acoustically tuned environments, increasing privacy, using safe, fiberglass-free materials.  


Our proprietary  QuietGreen Technologies WallCoustics fabric wall systems are ideal for large wall and ceiling areas, complex detailed areas, curved walls, stairways, columns, outdoor areas, and other normally difficult spaces. Many different types of finishes can be applied, including unique textures and fully printed imagery, elevating the visual aspect of any environment. Texture and color scanning into a dedicated system coordinates product colors and textures to room interiors. 

Tom Cruise Room.png

Radio City Music Hall, New York City

Carnegie Hall, New York City


Carnegie Hall empty.jpg
RadioCity full view.jpg

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York City

LinCen interior.jpg
  • Non-fiberglass, non-toxic, will not deteriorate, become airborne or promote moisture, mold or mildew. 

  • Easily removable fabric panel faces offer easy change-outs, maintenance, and replacement. Fully washable, long-wearing textiles are ideal for public spaces and high-exposure areas.

  • Digital imagery using eco, non-toxic, permanent inks, creates unique image applications, expanding the visual aspects and design range of acoustical applications. 

Sound Room.jpg

Features of HG QuietGreen Technologies

State-of-the-art, all-weather acoustical systems 

offer precision sound-tuning with visual  appeal

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